Our Promise

Our Vision

Arts For Every Life®

Our Mission

To be an inspirational place where people love to be.

Our Organizational Goals

  • To share exceptional programming that reflects inclusive, diverse and accessible arts and entertainment from international, national, and regional communities.
  • To ensure our cultural and artistic environment embraces likenesses and differences for our colleagues, guest, artists, students, volunteers, partners and donors.
  • To operate our business in a financially responsible manner.

Our Values

We win by striving for excellence and exceeding expectations—from service to shows to the building itself.
We innovate as thought-leaders in our industry because being creative is at the core of all we offer.
We respect the integrity of our organization, product and people, staying true to our vision and mission.
We laugh easily and celebrate often because the arts center serves as our community’s family room.
We embrace diversity and foster an inclusive environment to deliver Arts For Every Life® to everyone.
We are ingrained in the community and truly authentic, both as a place and as passionate people.

Our Commitments

#1 – Our People
We are committed to fair employment, wages opportunities, and training for all colleagues in our current and future workforce.
#2 – Stakeholders
We will continue to partner with community leaders and will involve diverse board leadership within our organization.
#3 – Learn
We will listen and learn through new and existing involvement in all communities and will share practices and insights with civic & business leadership, colleagues, donors, partners, guests and clients.
#4 – Engagement
We will conceive, create, present and provide engagement opportunities for all communities with our resources.
#5 – Collaboration
We will identify and collaborate on opportunities; expand existing programs; and cultivate new programs through our relationships, business operations, education initiatives and engagement efforts.
#6 – Accountability
We are accountable for the results of our vision, mission, goals and values and will assess and communicate accomplishments, efforts, and opportunities with our stakeholders.