Broadway Master Classes

Learn the ropes from Broadway’s top touring professionals.

Take a look behind the curtain with insider lessons from Broadway’s best and brightest. From costuming to performing, to stage management and more, our Broadway Master Classes are your chance to learn first-hand how great theater is made.

Discover specialized techniques, get valuable feedback and network with important industry professionals at these incredible interactive events.

What Our Students Are Saying:

“OMG this was amazing! I had so much fun and learned so much. I love working with Broadway professionals and I found it so fun and a great learning experience from someone in the theatre industry.”

“I would like to thank everyone that helped out with this Master Class. It was a wonderful experience that I recommend anyone to take part in. I genuinely look forward to any other classes or events at Dr. Philips Center!”

“This class was amazing. It solidified my desire to pursue a career on Broadway.”

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