Become a Donor

Donors directly support our vision of Arts For Every Life®. Just this past year, we:

  • Raised $3.5 million toward the Arts For Every Life® Fund
  • Engaged 132,523 people in exciting classes, summer camps, educational programs, Broadway master classes and outreach opportunities
  • Welcomed 591,000 guests to diverse shows and events, from international acts to community-based performances—some for free
  • Started a groundbreaking research study on the impact of art therapy on 400 memory loss patients and caregivers
  • And so much more

We call donors who give a set amount each year "annual luminary donors." And your entire household enjoys great benefits all year long, based on your annual donation level.

We call donors at the $10,000+ level "founding donors." And you enjoy special privileges as a thank-you for making such a major impact. Donor privileges are based on your level of giving.

With you and your family as part of our donor family, we’re able to do wonderful things for the community.

Learn more about becoming an annual luminary donor or founding donor below. Donor privileges are based on your level of giving.