Country Music’s Top Songwriters Are Spilling the Tea

From the backs of napkins to the bright lights of Music City. Every song has a story – and country music’s top hit-makers are sharing theirs at Judson’s Live.

Nashville Night in Orlando, the blockbuster series that’s packed houses across Central Florida, now takes the stage at our elevated live music room. Be there as Nashville’s most celebrated songwriters share the stories and inspiration behind their #1 hits, in a close-knit, intimate atmosphere where artist and audience can truly connect.

Here, award-winning songsmiths share their country music anthems of yesterday and today, (and even new works that could hit the airwaves tomorrow). Hear the untold stories behind your most-loved songs and lyrics – and how big-name artists got their hands on them to make the tunes immortal.


Nashville Night in Orlando

featuring Monty Criswell and Derek George June 14 & 15, 2024 | Judson's Live | 8 p.m. & 4 p.m.


June 15, 2024 – featuring Monty Criswell and Derrick George
July 13, 2024 - Artists coming soon
August 24, 2024 - Artists coming soon
September 21, 2024 - Artists coming soon
October 19, 2024 - Artists coming soon

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